Transport in France - Macron Law 2021 | Direct tir 2021

Registration of foreign drivers in France in accordance with Macron law

Your transport company is not located in France, but you are transporting goods to or from France?
We will become your representatives and we will keep in touch with local authorities.
What make us different - is that we take care of everything you need!

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What a foreign carrier needs to know about Macron law?

The purpose of Macron’s law is to regulate the activities of foreign road transport companies.

Foreign drivers must receive a minimum wage. Foreign companies must appoint a representative in France to be responsible for liaising with the French authorities.

Transport in France - Macron Law 2021 | Direct tir 2021
Who does Macron’s law apply to?
Foreign transport companies
Foreign transport companies

engaged in transport operations in France: loading or unloading

Foreign drivers
Foreign drivers

who must receive the minimum wage set in France


who must have a representative in France

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What do we offer

Administration and support for posted workers in Europe


Registration on French websites and other


Communication with French authorities

We take upon ourselves all the routine affairs and responsibility to the state.

How does the cooperation with us work?

We handle all administrative formalities necessary to register foreign workers posted to work in France, e.g. we register SIPSIin accordance with the requirements of the so-called Macron Loi, we prepare
personal documentation for each employee, including the obtaining of BTP
cards. Our offer is directed to all sectors posting their employees to perform work in France


Our team is led by a lawyer and a sworn translator, a specialist in labour law and social security, who often effectively intervened in cases of control and various random events, at French construction sites, in offices and courts. We therefore have practical experience in dealing with all possible French inspection services.


Expertise tailored to your company’s activity profile. Our
greatest advantage in comparison with other offices is our availability and price. We guarantee our customers and their employees a constant telephone communication from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. including weekends and holidays.


Collection of the required «Loi Macron» documents in French and making them available to the inspection services. We are obliged to keep these documents for a period of 18 months: the posting certificate, the confirmation of becoming a representative and any other relevant control documents: the pay slips of each employee, the confirmation of payment of wages with all allowances, form A 1, the employment contract, etc.


We analyze each case individually with the client. We keep you informed of all changes in the regulations, both on our website and by e-mail.

Simple to apply

The simpliest way is to send us company and drivers details - we will work it out form you!

Posting drivers in France (Macron law): hourly rate updates

The French minimum hourly wage is 10.58 € since 1st January 2022. The national minimum wage applies also to the transport sector, related to transportation to and from France.

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A financial risk in case of fraud

Significant fines can be applied in case of non-compliance to the Macron Law on transport:

– Up to € 2 000 per posted driver in case of non-respect of the French minimum wage, and up to € 4 000 in case of recidivism.
– A total amount of € 500 000 of fines to a company not complying with the law.

Transport in France - Macron Law 2021 | Direct tir 2021

To avoid these fines, make sure to comply with the «Macron Law» – choose DIRECT TIR as your French representative!

Transport in France - Macron Law 2021 | Direct tir 2021